Jako Maron

His world

Jako Maron composes electronic music that echoes the Maloya and Sega of his native land, Réunion Island.
His computer and drum machine beat to the rhythm of the volcano that has its top in the clouds, while at its foot, the fresh waves hit with techno electronic music.
With exultation and mischievousness he maintains that local perturbation in the traditional music of Réunion Island.

His Albums

« Traditional Maloya described the songs, music and dances of slaves of sugar plantations of Réunion Island in the 17th Century – Maloya ceremonies paid tribute to ancestors and mediated between the living and the dead. The music and culture began to be more widely accepted by Réunionese society from the 1930s as folklorist Georges Fourcade began to play Maloya songs. By the ‘50s, Maloya tracks were appearing on 78rpm releases and, in the ‘60s, it was used as a form of cultural protest music. In the mid-‘70s, a new generation began exploring new directions in the music, using Créole language and may different styles of Maloya music emerged. Jako Maron explores the full spectrum of these styles through his electronic re-interpretations of his native lands music.. » Bandcamp, 2018

Jako Maron Electro music Maloya reunion island saint-extension
Sitarane Larivé
Les Expériences Electro Maloya
Digital Kabar
Blaké Somin La Nuit


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