Jako Maron is an electronic music artist from Réunion island.

music style : ELectro Maloya 

Maloya is the traditional music of Réunion island. It's come from African slaves and Indian workers.

Réunion island is in the indian ocean at 800km from Madagascar
It's a French country so part of Europe too.(10000km from France)
Peolple in Réunion island talk French and Créole.

On addition to his own productions for Nyege Nyege tapes label and sakifo production label, Jako Maron composes and makes sound design too for theatre play , movies and art exibitions, he participated to the international Art exhibition of « La Biennale di Venezia 2019 » in the Natascha Süder Happelman’s project, Tribute to whistle, for the German Pavilion.

Album :
- 2020 : Blaké, somin la nwit ( label : sakifo production)
- 2018 : Les expériences electro maloya de Jako Maron (label : nyege nyege Tape)
- 2010 : saint extension (label : Bipole)

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